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Tyler, Texas

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Handmade wedding and occasion invitations.  Our designs are waterolored and thoughtfully designed.

Buds and Blooms Custom Hand Painted Wedding Invitations

Buds and blooms hand painted invitations

The Buds and Blooms hand painted invitation collection is inspired by serene gardens, big blooming bouquets, and flourishing vines.  
Buds and Blooms spin the very best parts of beloved vintage florals to create classic, but yet playful wedding designs. 
For many invitations in the Buds and Blooms Collection, their designs come alive when thick acrylics are painted over the top of their flat printed design.  
Double and tripled layered invitations add to the texture and "wow" when your guests open these up!
The painting techniques that characterize Buds and Blooms are full floral sketches, acrylic brushstrokes, shimmer papers, and hand painted envelope liners. 

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